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more hours of sleep a night


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more hours added to longest overnight sleep period

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Personalized coaching, backed by pediatric sleep experts.

Individualized, real-time daily recommendations to improve your baby’s sleep, all based on your baby’s age, development, and your preferences as a parent.

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Powerful Insights

Advanced analytics with daily, weekly, and monthly data trends to help you view your baby's sleep and feeding progression over time.

Simple tracking

Track and manage your baby’s sleep and feeding activity with our nighttime friendly design. Use helpful features like the time of your last feeding to answer those must–know questions!

“I’m definitely a success story from using Nod - now I have a baby who goes to bed at 7pm and sleeps until 7am.

- Emily M., Oakville, Canada

Built for tired parents

Share account credentials and keep your baby’s information instantly synced across all your caregivers. Usable anytime, anyplace with offline mode. Learn all you need to know about baby sleep and developmental milestones with helpful, customized content, written by pediatric sleep experts.

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