How it works

Nod detects key patterns and changes in your baby’s sleep and feeding activity and provides customized daily recommendations on how to make improvements to your baby's (or toddler's!) nap times or nightly sleep.


By pairing proprietary technology with the world's leading sleep experts, Nod can identify trends and key problems and provide parents with personalized sleep training recommendations to follow every day.

Within 30 days of using Nod, families experience

more hours of sleep a night


fewer night wakings


more hours added to longest overnight sleep period

Results derived from current Nod user base.

The process

Through a few simple questions, tell Nod about your baby’s sleep, routines, and what you’re looking to change and achieve.

Track your baby’s activity

To help change your baby's sleep with the best possible recommendations, Nod will look at your baby's sleep and feeding activity over time. Track anytime and anywhere with our nighttime friendly sleep and feeding tracker that parents are raving about.

Get or pick a recommendation

Wait for Nod's recommendation or choose a goal yourself. If you have something you want to change that you don’t see, let us know, we're happy to help!

Receive daily feedback

Each day, Nod will provide recommendations and support to help you overcome those sleep challenges! Work at a speed that you are comfortable with.

View insights and graphs

Nod uses your tracking information to create clear 7, 14, and 30 day graphs of your baby’s sleep and feeding patterns. View trends, consistencies and watch their sleep improve over time!

Learn about babies, sleep, and everything else in between!

Nod’s library of articles is customized for you. Read content written by the experts at the Pediatric Sleep Council.

Relax and know that Nod is there for you!

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