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March 26, 2018




Over the last few months, we’ve been listening to our user’s feedback about our sleep and feeding tracker: how to make it easier, more intuitive, and more enjoyable. As a result, we redesigned the tracking experience, and we are thrilled to launch it today! In this post, we’ll talk about the changes and how to make the most of them. As always, if you have questions, let us know :)


What’s changed?


Record your baby’s wake-ups!

One of the biggest areas of feedback we’ve received was that it was hard to start and stop multiple different sleep sessions overnight as an exhausted parent; our users said that they wanted the option of one nonstop overnight tracking period, with the added ability to note how many times the baby woke up. We need the latter part, as night time wake-ups are a key component for Nod’s system to determine how well a baby’s sleep is progressing (we all know the holy grail is *zero* wakeups per night); detecting how often a baby is waking, and staying awake (for longer than a couple of minutes) helps us determine if a baby is able to soothe herself back to sleep or whether she still needs some extra support.


Now, Nod provides users with 2 options to record sleep sessions and wake-ups overnight:

  • The first is tracking each and every sleep period. For instance, baby sleeps for 3 hours and then wakes for 30 minutes for a feeding or as a caregiver tries to get the baby back to sleep. If you’re tracking each session independently, you don’t need to mark wake-ups in the tracker, as Nod will see the gap between sleep sessions and we’ll infer that the baby was up. This first option is also helpful for users who enjoy looking at their daily timelines to pick up trends over time.

  • The second option is using Nod’s new wake-ups feature. To take advantage of this, a user would track their baby’s sleep in one entire chunk and adjust their baby’s number of wake-ups accordingly. For example, a user records that baby slept from 8pm- 6:30am (10.5 hours) but twice needed Mom to help her back to sleep (2 wake-ups). This tracking option is helpful for users who have less time to record events, or often find themselves entering sleep events retroactively.


Whichever option you pick and that works best for you, try to stick with a single way of doing it - it helps Nod learn your tracking style and habits and pick up patterns faster.


Edit your tracking events

We also heard from numerous users that the ability to edit their entered tracking events is clutch, as it’s pretty common to accidentally mess up times or amounts fed or...anything as a tired parent. To edit your prior entries, head to your tracking history (in the Insights section), toggle open the day that has the event you’d like to change, tap on the event, tap the pencil icon that pops up, and adjust your entry as needed. Once saved, your daily timelines and graphs will update appropriately.


Easily add past sleep and feeding sessions

We know life as a parent is hectic and nonstop, so tracking real-time can be tough (diaper blowouts, anyone?). To help with this, we’ve made it easier to enter past entries. To do this, tap “add a previous session” in the tracker page, and you should be able to add missed events more easily (and also add them in succession by tapping “save and add another session”).


Record notes

We also heard from users that they wanted to add more detail and granularity to tracking sessions - did the baby spit up? Diaper madness? A different caregiver tweaked a routine? Now, you can do this by tapping on “Add Note” on the tracking page. You can read it later by tapping on “View Note” in your daily history. You can also edit notes the same way you’d edit a past session.


Last side fed & most recent side fed

Though we’ve had the ability to see last side fed on the home screen, we heard from a few moms that they wanted to see it in the actually feeding tracker as well. Now you can do this, and we’ve also made it clear to you which side you are actively feeding on, in case you need to pause a feeding.


We are so excited to get this update to you, and we hope it improves your experience with Nod! We have plenty more updates that we are working on in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned for more.


If you have any questions or additional feedback around Nod, please don’t hesitate to email us at We read every single piece of feedback.




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