Introducing Nod’s Offline Mode

May 24, 2018

Since launching Nod, a popular feature request we have received from parents has been the need to use Nod’s tracker wherever they are, whenever, regardless of connection. Just in time for summer, and those special family vacations, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Nod’s offline mode!


Nod’s offline mode allows users to track any of their baby’s sleep or feeding events (both real-time and past) without access to a wifi or cellular connection. Users will also have access to all of Nod’s remaining features, allowing them to view previously loaded coaching recommendations, insights, articles, goal information and routines!


How does it work?

Once an event is tracked offline, Nod’s history section will appear with syncing arrows attached to both the day and event (see image below). Once a user returns online and opens Nod, these syncing icons will disappear within seconds, updating graphs and allowing Nod’s system to receive your baby’s data and provide a recommendation.



A couple of things to note:

Users have a maximum of 14 days to use Nod solely offline. If you are unable to reconnect within 2 weeks, the app will remove offline events on a rolling basis. So please try and find a connection as often as you can!


Also, if you log out while in offline mode, you will NOT be able to log back in (a network connection is required for this to happen). In addition, previously tracked offline data will also not save if you log out.


We’re excited to help parents traveling both domestically and overseas, those staying in areas with less-than-ideal wifi/cell connections and those who want to limit phone usage around their baby!


You asked, our team listened, and we have worked hard to get this launched in Nod as quickly as we could. If you happen to experience anything unusual or any kind of bug, please get in touch with us at We’d love your help to squash any problems you might find or face!


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