Meet Nod User Kelly

August 29, 2018

We LOVE hearing from our users about how they’re using Nod to help with their baby’s sleep challenges. So we were excited to have the chance to chat with Nod user Kelly, who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, with her husband and her son, Evan. Evan is 8 months old (born on Christmas Day!) and Kelly has been using Nod to track his sleep and feeding—and get some coaching along the way—since he was a little over three months old.


Here’s how our conversation went:


Nod: It’s great to meet you, Kelly! How have things been going with Evan? He’s your first child, so what’s the transition to parenthood been like for you?


Kelly: For the most part, motherhood has been a very pleasant surprise. I was excited to have a baby, but really anticipated that I’d have a hard time. I was never someone who was ga-ga over babies. But I’m totally in love with him. I don’t know how I made this special little person, but here he is.


Nod: Would you say he’s been an easy baby for the most part?


Kelly: Yes, we’re really lucky. I mean, we didn’t even know this kid was teething until we saw a tooth! Some parts have been more of a challenge. For some reason I told myself he’d be a good sleeper, because I thought “well, I like to sleep. It’s gonna be fine.” Wrong! We’re still working toward that full night of sleep.


Nod: So, what made you choose Nod?  


Kelly: My husband and I both work full time, and my mom is home with Evan. I wanted to be able to see when and how much Evan was eating and sleeping and wanted to be able to share it with my mom, so I Googled “10 best baby tracker apps” or something like that and that’s how I found Nod. Now my mom uses it throughout the day and I check in on it, and then I use it at night.


Nod: Do you mostly use the insights and tracking features of Nod, then, or do you use the coaching? Since you mentioned that sleep has been a challenge…


Kelly: Initially, I was just drawn to the data side of things. When I first looked at the app, I thought this interface is really clean, the way they present the data is good, this could be really useful to me. But as it turned out, the coaching has been great, too. It totally helped me wean him off the swaddle. I could not have done that by myself! I was super dependent on the app. I was like, “Tell me what to do, Nod! Just tell me what to do next!” This maybe sounds cheesy, but it really felt like I had a partner.


Nod: That’s so great to hear! Can you tell us a little more about what that process was like?   


Kelly: It walked me through night by night: “Take one arm out of the swaddle…OK, now do the other arm…” It was very slow and seemed very strategic. I didn’t feel rushed.  And by the time I worked through all the cards, voila, no more swaddle. We were very happy with the outcome. I felt really affirmed by all the cheerleading from the app, too.


Nod: We do try to be as supportive as we can, even though we know some nights don’t go exactly according to plan.


Kelly: I definitely appreciate how cheerful it is when I’m up at 3:00 am!


Nod: Are you working on a new goal now?


Kelly: Yes, now we’re working on reducing nighttime feedings. That’s been our #1 problem—the old midnight snack. We’re still early in the process, but I’m already seeing improvement. So really, the coaching has turned out to be one of the things I appreciate the most.


Nod: Besides the coaching, what’s been most helpful to you about Nod?


Kelly: I’d say the feature I use the most is the home screen, where I can see when Evan last ate and when he last slept. I can make a good guess as to what’s stressing him and respond accordingly. I don’t have to do the mental math of adding up “oh, I think he woke up around this time, and when was he finished eating, and what does he need now…”


Nod: Have you ever recommended Nod to friends who have babies?


Kelly: Oh, I recommend it to people who don’t have babies! Just in case they need it in the future or know someone who needs it. Nod has become just “the app” for me. What does the app have to say? Has anyone checked the app? Will I be able to use the app on the plane? (Yes you can!) I’m a big Nod evangelist.


Nod: We love to hear that! No before we go, we'd love to ask some quick fire questions about parenting and life in general!


Nod: What's your favorite Instagram account? (Other than Nod of course)


Kelly: Right now, my favorite Instagram account is the Pawsitive Change Program, a program that matches rescue dogs with inmates in maximum-security California prisons. Happy dogs, good outcomes for inmates upon release, super cute puppy pictures and videos, what's not to like?


Nod: What do you do when you're up with Evan @ 3am?


Kelly: Luckily I'm not very often up with Evan at 3AM anymore! But when I was, I did a lot of online shopping. Mostly makeup. I have a staggering number of concealers and lip liners.


Nod: Worst diaper blow out incident?


Kelly: The worst diaper blowout incident was the day we brought Evan home from the hospital. He was wearing a precious baby blue Ralph Lauren onesie. It was less precious when it was covered in poop.


Nod: Best parenting advice you received during pregnancy?


Kelly: The best parenting advice I ever got came from a coworker of mine who has two grown kids. She told me that she and her husband discovered that, if there's something you don't like about some stage of your child's life or development, just wait six weeks, and they'll be on to something new. Totally accurate.


Nod: Favorite book to ready Evan?


Kelly: My favorite book to read to Evan is called "The Wonderful Things You Will Be" by Emily Winfield Martin. The message is wonderful and the illustrations are so sweet.



Nod: What TV show are you watching right now?


Kelly: Is it embarrassing to say that I'm watching "Keeping Up With The Kardashians"? Because I am. Kim Kardashian West famously said that pregnancy was the worst experience of her life, and I deeply respect that level of honesty.


Nod: Thanks so much for your time, and thanks for spreading the word about Nod!


Kelly also gave us some great ideas for tweaks and improvements that we could make to the app. Like all feedback we get from users, we share and talk about it with our team.


If you’re a Nod user, we’d love to hear about YOUR experiences with the app too! Drop us a line at

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