Meet Nod User Melissa

September 13, 2018

We recently talked with Nod user Melissa, mom of Henry, 8 months old. Melissa lives in the Grand Canyon state (That’s Arizona, for all you non-geography nerds out there), and has been using Nod for about three months. Here’s what she had to say about baby sleep, looking less exhausted, and how she uses Nod.


Nod: Let’s start with the really important stuff: Worst diaper blow-out incident ever?


Melissa: Oh gosh, it always happens when we have to be somewhere. There was one time when we had dinner reservations at this fancy restaurant for my husband's birthday, and we had Henry all dressed in his nice outfit. We were already running late, of course—because that’s what happens when you have a newborn—and then he had a giant blow-out and we had to get him changed, so we were even later.


Nod: Babies always have awesome timing. And speaking of timing, when did you decide to start getting some extra help with Henry’s sleep?


Melissa: It was when Henry was six months old. We got back from a vacation, and suddenly he would only sleep in our bed, after having slept in his own crib since he was two months old. I posted on Facebook about it, but no one had any great suggestions. I looked in What to Expect the First Year, but there wasn’t anything there either. I even thought about hiring a sleep consultant, but I was worried about how much it would cost. Finally I just started Googling stuff and searching the app store.


Nod: There are a lot of baby-related apps out there. What made you choose Nod?  


Melissa: I read the reviews and people were raving about it, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a try. I also liked the fact that there were a bunch of goal options. Henry was still doing a middle-of-the-night feeding around 3 or 4 am then, which I knew he didn’t really still need. I think I just thought it would eventually go away on its own. But when I saw that Nod had a goal for eliminating nighttime feedings, I realized that maybe he was dependent on it. I thought, oh, I should probably get working on that!  


Nod: Yeah, a lot of our users tell us they didn’t realize just how much they could do themselves to improve their baby’s sleep until they got Nod and started using it.


Melissa: It’s been great. The coaching helped me eliminate Henry’s 3 am feeding and then I once I did that, I worked on helping him learn to sleep in his own crib again. And it didn't take very long. It was probably about a week and a half after I started the goal that he was back in his crib, thanks to you guys.


The below graph shows Henry's nighttime feedings decreasing over time while Melissa followed Nod's "reduce nighttime feedings" goal.

Nod: That’s great to hear! So, you just tracked Henry’s activity and followed the coaching cards and content we were giving you each day?


Melissa: Yeah, and if one night didn't go so well, the next card would say, hey, you're almost there, let's try it again tonight. It inspired me to not want to give up. And, like I said, eventually it worked.


Nod: We know things can get tough, so we try to make sure our cards offer that kind of affirmation, so you know that you’re not going through it alone, and you’re not the first person to be in your situation.


Melissa: Yeah, that was awesome. There was one time I had a question about one of the cards, so I hit the “ask us a question” button and someone at Nod got back to me right away—the next day, I think. That was really cool.


Nod: Excellent! So, just one more question, for the benefit of other new parents out there: What’s your best trick for looking less exhausted?


Melissa: Dry shampoo and lots of concealer.


Nod: Right there with you! Thanks so much for your time today, Melissa, and our best to your husband and to Henry.


Want to learn more about Melissa? Check out her blog!


If you’re a Nod user, we’d love to hear about YOUR experiences with the app too! Drop us a line at


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