Meet Nod User Ana-Sofia

October 22, 2018


We’ve been having some great conversations with moms who use Nod. This time, it’s Ana-Sofia of Miami, Florida. Ana-Sofia is an attorney who works mostly from home. She’s been using Nod with her 11-month old, Parker, since he was four months old. Ana-Sofia told us how Nod has helped Parker sleep better, plus the best/worst diaper blow-out story we’ve heard yet. (Consider yourself warned!)


Nod: Hi, Ana Sofia! Here’s a hypothetical question to get things rolling: If you had a whole afternoon to yourself, with a free babysitter, what would you be doing?


Ana-Sofia: I’d probably be cleaning. It’s terrible! But my brain stops functioning when I start seeing that everything is such a mess.


Nod: Next time we ask this question we’ll be sure to say that you get a free babysitter AND a free housecleaner, so you can actually do something for yourself! But thanks for your honesty. So, tell us what prompted you to start using Nod.


Ana-Sofia: My son Parker was a really good sleeper from the beginning, but then we had the four-month sleep regression. I started to panic that I hadn't started sleep training him soon enough, and I didn't want to end up with a three-year-old sleeping in our bed or not sleeping through the night. I saw a blog post mentioning Nod and decided to try it.   


Nod: Oh yes, the infamous 4-month regression. Which goals did you work on with the app?


Ana-Sofia: Reducing nighttime wake-ups and reducing the nighttime feedings. I’d been feeding Parker every time he woke up, and I started to realize I shouldn't be doing that, because he was associating the feedings with sleeping. Nod helped me slowly reduce the feedings, and now he doesn’t feed in the middle of the night. That was a big, big thing for me.


Nod: That’s great news. What do you feel made the process work well for you and Parker?   


Ana-Sofia: I really liked the positive reinforcement. When the card would come up and say I was doing great, it felt good to read that. And I like that Nod really does read the tracking info I’ve entered, so if I have a night where, say, he wakes up three times, it says something like “looks like Parker didn’t sleep well last night, so let’s try this…”  It’s not just blanket tips that everybody gets.


Nod: The tracking really does help us give users that personalized coaching. How about the articles in Nod? Do you read those?


Ana-Sofia: Yes, I do read the articles. I like the fact that they tell you it’s a two-minute read, or four-minute read, so if I'm running around I can look at that and say oh, okay, perfect. I can read this really quick, and it seems like something that would be useful to us as a family, to get new ideas and tips.


Nod: That’s awesome. Are there other places you look for tips and info about baby sleep?


Ana-Sofia: I very much rely on my mother, though I take what she says with a grain of salt since it was 30 years ago that she was raising me. I also have friends with small children, and I try to take their advice—their ups and downs and things they wish they’d done, or that they regret doing.


Nod: Finally, something all of us parents can relate to: What was Parker’s worst diaper blow-out?


Ana-Sofia: [Note from Nod: Do not read the following if you have a weak stomach!]Oh my God, there was a time when it was all over his back. Everywhere. I started walking with him toward the bathroom, and there were blobs of it dropping down the floor in the hallway. My husband went to go clean it up, and all of a sudden it was all gone—and there was our dog, licking her lip. She cleaned up everything for us.


Nod: Holy you know what! That is epic. Thank you so much for your time, Ana Sofia. We wish you and your husband and Parker and your extremely helpful dog continued happiness and good sleep!


If you're a Nod user, we'd LOVE to hear about your experiences with the app. Drop us a line at


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