5 cool things we learned from Nod User, Lindsay

January 30, 2019


Lindsay of Pennsylvania is a middle school math teacher (respect!), Penn State fan, and mom to 8-month old Owen. We had an awesome chat with her recently and got her take on a bunch of things Nod-related—plus a kids’ book recommendation that had us all going, “Aww, we remember that one!” Also: Chalk up one more Nod mom vote for leggings not being pants. It’s getting controversial around here!


1. On Fun with Statistics:  

I teach math, and I'm a total math nerd. So when we first starting tracking, I really liked having the 7 and 14 and day visual graphs in the insights section. People had been telling me that if Owen ate more, he’d sleep better, but when I looked at the statistics, there were days where he ate a lot and he still didn't sleep a lot. Seeing how they overlapped and being able to see the relationship between the two helped me see that eating more might not necessarily be what he needed.


2. On Nod’s List of Goals:

Just seeing all the goals was validating. I automatically knew that I'm clearly not the only one struggling with this because, this goal wouldn’t be available if it wasn't something that other people were going through! It was also helpful for me to see what for some of the different goals are between three and 36 months. I can say, OK: Even if he's not sleeping well yet, I have time, and there’s a range of different things to try.


3. On (Not) Spying on Your Spouse:

Over the summer I was the one home with Owen, but my husband is staying home with him right now. We both use Nod—he just uses my login and does the daytime tracking. It helps Owen stay on track and helps me if I get curious while I’m at work. Not that I'm, like, spying, but sometimes I like to look and see: Did he have a good day of sleeping or did he not?


4. On bedtime story classics:

Owen loves when I read him Mr. Brown can Moo, Can You?

5. On Letting Nod do the Thinking:

When you’re up late at night trying to get your baby to sleep, it can be overwhelming and you're really tired. When I was working through the goals with Nod, I liked that I didn't have to think about it. It was just there for me, and the card would say: Hey, try this tonight, and I’d just do it. Then, I could go back and look at the stats, and see that even though Owen might not be sleeping through the night yet, there was progress being made. There’s something validating in that—it’s a slow process, but you see that it’s working.


If you’re a Nod user, we’d love to hear about YOUR experiences with the app too! Drop us a line at hello@nodtosleep.com.



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