Happy Mother’s Day, Nod Universe!

May 13, 2019

We had so much fun getting to know you better this past week over on Instagram through our polls and our “You Know You’re a Mom When…” contest. And we thought: What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than by devoting an entire blog post to YOU?


We loved seeing your responses to  “You know you’re a mom when….” For our Mother’s Day giveaway contest. Here’s just a sampling of the awesome answers we got, and what we learned from reading them—all of which sounded totally familiar to those of us at Nod who are parents!!


1. You’ll do anything to avoid waking up your kids.

You know you’re a mom when you swallow instead of coughing and almost choke on your own spit to avoid waking your sleeping baby….when you have to figure out how to use the restroom while holding your toddler who fell asleep in your arms.


2. Your diaper bag is EVERYTHING.

You know you’re a mom when you feel like you’re missing something when you go out without the diaper bag! BUT….you also know you’re a mom when you pack up the diaper bag with everything you need, load up all the kids, get where you’re going and realize, NO BAG!


3. Poop is a major part of your daily lives.

You know you’re a mom when having a handful of poop is a normal, almost daily occurrence ….when you’re excited that your baby had 2 good “normal” poops in one day!! Winning!


4. Finding alone time in the bathroom is next to impossible.

You know you’re a mom when you always have an audience in the bathroom...when you take a shower at 2 am because you know it won’t get interrupted…when you have to sneak away to go use the restroom.


5. Parenting sometimes takes over your brain.

You know you’re a mom when you tell a co-worker “that’s not a safe choice”…when you’re singing the baby toy songs while cleaning after your baby has gone to sleep


6. You make, um, interesting fashion choices.

You know you’re a mom when you go to the grocery store and realize you have puffs stuck all over you…when spit up and snot on your shirt is your new accessory


7. You find going to the store just a little bit challenging.

You know you’re a mom when you have to mentally prepare yourself to take your kid to the store…when you pick your parking spot based on distance to cart returns….when you can barely fit groceries in your trunk because the stroller takes up 90% of the space


8. You always put your children first.

You know you’re a mom when you buy your children a million nice outfits and you’re wearing clothes you’ve had since high school….when you automatically think if you won this [Amazon gift card] about the things you could get for your kids.


We also learned a lot about you from the polls in our story—hope you had fun doing them!

 Here’s to all you wonderful, hardworking, dedicated moms out there, this Mother’s Day and always. We’re honored to be a part of your parenting adventure. Oh, and we’re right there with you on the eating baby food for $5 thing. Why not, right?



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